Favim (FM)

FAVIM is the ‘environmentally friendly’ and economical solution to vibration isolation. Produced to be high performance and durable with excellent vibration, acoustic and impact isolation as well as exceptional damping characteristics.

Load capacity range: 0 to 0.12N/mm2 (MPa)

Why choose Farrat Favim?

  • High resilience and low damping
  • Can be laid in multiple layers to reduce natural frequency
  • Long term resilience and load bearing performance
  • Simple & quick installation methods
  • Environment-friendly (made from recycled rubber, which can be recycled again & again)
  • Can be used as ‘full area’ coverage isolation or as strips and pads
  • Can be laid without bonding directly onto a consolidated hardcore base where it will, to an extent, compensate for surface irregularities
  • Produced from the highest quality recycled rubber granulate and polyurethane bonding agent in tightly controlled, state of the art manufacturing processes
  • Can be supplies as sheets or bespoke pads and strips

Typical Applications

  • Industrial floor isolation
  • Floating floors (commercial & residential)
  • Machine and plant isolated foundations
  • Buildings & Structures
  • HVAC & Plant equipment plinth isolation
  • Bowling alley isolation
  • Sidewall isolation of isolated foundations
  • Sidewall isolation of floating floors
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Railway track bed isolation
  • Railway platform isolation

Anti Vibration pads and materials can sometimes be referred to as; impact noise isolation or improvement, under screed acoustic isolation, anti-vibration, antivibration, vibration absorption materials, elastomer, resilient material, isolation pads, vibration rubber, isolation rubber, damping material.

Favim (FM)