Cold Air Duct insulation

The sole purpose of the air duct is to transfer below ambient air from point A to point B. The duct runs through conditioned and non-conditioned spaces, hence it is utmost important to maintain the air temperature in the duct throughout the course. The common choice of insulation is  conventional fiberglass. Fiberglass in it entirety does prevent condensation however in the long run, due to its open cell structure, start to gain heat and increase the duct temperature resulting in heavy loads on chillers and pumps which results in energy loss.

Our Expertise

Low density closed cell elastomeric foam is an ideal product that can not only prevent condensation but it can maintain the duct temperature throughout the line due to its closed cell structure. Additionally it is dust free, fiber free, non-toxic, has low flame spread, low smoke density and environment friendly. ASA assists in insulation product solution along with recommendation on thickness to be used, sizing, installation, supervision and project management.