Water Flow noise control

Water flowing through PVC soil and waste pipes can be a common noise problem in many buildings.
In apartments, hotels and office buildings this can be unacceptably noisy and significantly disturb the
building’s occupants. To minimise this annoyance, and to meet the sound insulation requirements to satisfy the residential area, pipes should be lagged with Acoustic Pipe Lagging.

Our Expertise

The sound insulation of soil, waste, sanitary drainage and water pipes shall be from Armawave 2540 acoustic lagging or equivalent, manufactured with an acoustic isolation foam and a mass barrier to a total weight of not less than 5kg/m2. The acoustic insulation should be certified by an independent, NATA accredited laboratory, and show equivalent sound insulation performance .  Where pipes are located in a wall or floor cavity, serves or passes through more than one sole-occupancy unit, the sound insulation should achieve a RW + Ctr (airborne) of not less than 25 if the adjacent room is a kitchen or non-habitable room. If the adjacent room is a habitable room, the sound insulation shall achieve a RW
+ Ctr (airborne) of not less than 40.  The acoustic insulation shall be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It should be cut to size to neatly fit all pipe work, and incorporate
overlaps on all joins. All joins shall be secured with an appropriate foil tape or adhesive.

Acoustic pipe insulation