ASA offers a complete design and engineering service, including acoustic, structural and ventilation
provisions. This allows us to deliver custom, cost effective products and solutions that will fit your system
and meet your needs.

The mitigation of noise from heating and cooling systems in modern commercial projects is an important aspect in any building design.  ASA engineers and manufactures complete pressurized plenum enclosures for a wide array of HVAC installations. NOISBLOCK™ pressurized plenums are

designed to provide effective noise control, structural integrity, along with full access for maintenance and inspection.

• Built-up and Custom Air Handlers
• Double Wall Panel Duct
• Fan Enclosures
• HVAC Mixing Plenums
• Mechanical Equipment
• Relief / Outside Air Plenums
• Supply / Return Plenums Field Assembled

Industrial Applications

Worker safety has taken on increasing importance for industrial facilities, and as such, noise
reduction initiatives have become an essential goal of the industry. Whether it is to comply with
increasingly strict OSHA regulations, or to reduce hearing loss claims against an insurer, worker
safety is now in the forefront. ECHO enclosures are a key design element in bringing industrial, process and manufacturing facilities to safer noise levels and to help make a better work environment for all involved.
• Backup/Constant Power Generators
• Compressors
• In-Plant Offices
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Paint Booths
• Positive Displacement Blowers
• Processes
• Test Chambers
• Vacuum Blowers
• Ventilation Fans
• Pumps
• Saws
• Punch Presses

ECHO Acoustic Panels

Type ECHO acoustic panels are fabricated of various thicknesses and materials depending
on the level of noise control required for a particular application. ECHO Acoustic panels are fabricated
with an outer solid shell of 0.5 – 1 mm and inner perforated shell of 0.5 mm stainless steel. Panels are stiffened with 1 mm gage internal channels and edge rails. The acoustic grade fill is long strand fiberglass or mineral wool or ArmaSound orArmaPhonic elastomeric sound absorber product, depending on the application, are inert, mildew resistant, vermin proof and incombustible. Standard panels are 4″ thick, but optional 2″ and 6″ panels are available to meet special requirements