Increasing cases of COVID19 infectors around the world, thank to Thailand's excellent healthcare system. Our proactive approch make it safe place from COVID19 now.

Negative Pressure Operation Room

ห้องผ่าตัด To be more proactive, many work places, start to find the system to protect from COVID19. One of the effective system is to use the design of good Indoor Air Quality system to filter the fresh air to the room. Especially for the AIIR in many hospitals are still required as the proactive plan. ASA Thermacoustic set up the expert team to design and collect the good practice from our experience to propose to the place who needs best practice of air control.

Acoustic Pipe Insulation for Gas Flow Noise

Acoustic Pipe insulation with ArmaSound Industrial system in the metering station of Natural Gas (NG) pipeline (50 meter of 36”inch pipe) Sound Pressure Level before Installation : 110 dB(A) Provide noise survey & select the solution for the noise control. Provide installation training and supervise the installation at the job site Sound Pressure Level after installation : 85 dB(A) Sound Pressure Level at behind the fence (10 meter from noise source) : 66 dB(A) Criteria of noise reduction : Reduce noise at the outside the fence below 70 dB(A)

Case Study in the metering station of Power Plant

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Sound Proof for the Gas Comressor

Three Gas Compressors to supply to the fuel to the Gas turbine generate loud noise to outside area which is about 14 meter from the fence. Acoustic enclosure is needed to covered the noise together with ArmaSound Super Silence as the ceiling and wall lining insider the enclosure. The ArmaSound was covered with the metal perforated with 50% opening to prevent it falling down from the ceiling. Noise level at the compressor is ranged from 98 -100 dB(A), when it is 2 compressor operating maximum together. At the 1 meter from the enclsure surface, the noise can be reduced down to 65 -70 dB(A) around the enclosure.

How Gas Compressor make noise

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Non Metallic Cladding in Pharmaceutical Factory

Mould Mildew and bacteria can penetrate to the pipe insulation via the sharp metallic cladding. The engineer find the way to solve this problem, Therefore, the polymeric with shinny surface like ArmaChek Silver is the best solution for this application. it provides aesthetic surface, and also not damage when the mechanic impact to its surface. This is suitable for the Pharmaceutical factories, Food Factories, where the hygienic is required.

ArmaChek Silver The Non metallic Cladding choice for the pipe insulation

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P.M. 2.5 becomes concurrent issued for every Bangkok peopl

MASK - N95 is again lacking in Bangkok. It is used to be easily find out in the safety shop or hardware house. Meanwhile new trend of using mask and new indoor air quality system will be the new normal for Thai people in the future.

Inddor Air Quality for our HOME

air filterair conditioning filter, the first protection for our respiratory system for our chileren.

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